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Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental Offers a Wide Variety of Cosmetic Services


Nobody wants to feel insecure meeting someone for the first time due to crooked or yellowed teeth. At Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental, we are proud to offer the best cosmetic dentistry procedures in Plantation. From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening, we can help you get your smile and confidence back.

Since we opened in 1995, we have been shaping and designing smiles for countless patients. Whether it’s a simple color correction that you need or an overall reconstruction, our skilled and compassionate dentist, Dr. Hitesh Shroff, can take care of you.

Affordable Crowns and Bridges

Whether you need to replace old extensive damaged filling or suffering from cracked, fractured tooth/teeth, dental crowns can restore your oral function and smile. The restoration is fitted over the original tooth after any decay has been removed. The right restoration will look, feel and last like your natural teeth. Crowns are recommended for the following:

  • Large damaged fillings
  • Fractured or cracked teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth with crown and bridges
  • Root canaled teeth
  • Full mouth restoration and cosmetic dentistry
  • Restoring severely worn out dentition

We offer high noble metal to porcelain or all porcelain crowns such as Lava, BruxZir, Emax crowns.

Lava and Emax Crowns These crowns are highly esthetic crowns and have natural teeth like appearance recommended for anterior teeth. Metal restorations can leave a dark ridge where the gums recede over time. Whereas Lava crowns retain their original beauty for years.

  • An ideal alternative to porcelain-fused-to metal (PFM) restorations
  • Alternative for those who have concerns about metal
  • Provides the translucency and beauty of your natural teeth
  • Precision computer design ensures Lava restorations fit well, and feel comfortable

Affordable Porcelain Veneers While many people think having veneers put on their teeth is a time consuming and costly process, our cutting edge technology and extensive cosmetic dentistry experience allows us to create the perfectly shaped teeth you have always dreamed of. Get rid of those unsightly chips and cracks and get picture-perfect alignment with our bonded porcelain veneers.

BruxZir Crowns These crowns are recommended for restoring collapsed bite or posterior teeth or full mouth reconstruction. They are virtually unbreakable crown.

Missing Teeth The ideal restoration for missing teeth is implant. Alternatively, taking care of space is easier than you might think with dental bridges. If you have been considering replacing missing teeth or gap, let our office take care of you. Our dental bridges are available as a fixed permanent option or temporarily removable option. At the time of consultation, we will be able to suggest the best available option for you.

Improving and restoring your teeth with crowns and bridges or dental implants does not have to be a painful or scary experience. Our trained professional team, state of the art technology and affordable rates, give us the edge over the dental practices in the Plantation, Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale area.

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Rejuvenating your smile doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shroff makes sure that all of your needs are met whenever you come into our office. From teeth whitening to dental crowns. Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental is the only dentistry that you will ever need in the Plantation, Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale areas. Ask about 0% financing. Most dental insurance plans accepted. Call us today to schedule an appointment: 954-423-3969.


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