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Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Persistent gum bleeding after brushing your teeth is an alerting sign of gum disease. Your Plantation, FL, dentist, Dr. Hitesh Shroff offers Laser gum disease treatment to eliminate gum disease.

What is gum disease?

It is a gum condition that occurs after getting a bacterial infection in your gums. As long as the infection is trapped inside the gum tissue only, it is called gingivitis.
Gingivitis can develop into a more severe condition called periodontitis when the patient is left untreated. The infection will spread into the jawbone, worsening the symptoms. Having untreated gum disease will increase your chances of suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and bone diseases.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Dental changes can be warning signs that indicate gum disease. Bleeding gums are a common example of these symptoms. It usually occurs due to the plaque accumulation on the teeth, causing gingivitis.

Another common sign is swollen gums. The swelling will happen as a result of inflammation in your gums. It is usually associated with tenderness and some pain. It is also common for patients suffering from gum disease to have receding gums. This symptom is associated with sensitive teeth. As the gum shrinkage exposes the tooth roots to the surrounding environment, the roots will become extremely sensitive. Once this occurs, any stimulant or sharp sensation, including hot or cold foods and drinks, will reach the nerves inside your tooth, causing pain.

Laser treatment for gum disease in Plantation, FL?

The EPIC laser, which is used in our office, can provide fast and painless treatment for your periodontal condition. It works by treating the infected gum tissue, which will result in effective disease treatment as long as you keep up good oral hygiene practices.

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Are you suffering from periodontal disease? Dr. Shroff, your dentist in Plantation, FL, provides Laser treatment for your gum disease. Call us at 954-423-3969 and book your appointment today!

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