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Reasons To Choose Implanted Dentures Over Regular Dentures

It used to be the norm for people who needed dentures to choose the regular, removable type of denture. However, over time, dental care has progressed and new methods have evolved that offer a much better solution when it comes to replacing natural teeth. Implanted dentures actually offer a range of benefits over regular dentures, which is prompting more and more people to choose them.

A More Natural Look

They are most like natural teeth. Since implanted dentures are actually attached to your jaw bone, they work and look like natural teeth. This means you don’t remove them ever. They don’t slip, and they won’t interfere with normal activities, such as eating and talking.

Long Lasting

They are long lasting. Dentures and bridges are made to last a specific amount of time after which they must be replaced. Implanted dentures are made to last a lifetime. This not only makes them less hassle but it also means they are more affordable in the long run.

A Better Looking Smile

With regular dentures, as your jaw begins to wear away with age, your dentures start to lose their tight fit. You don’t have that issue with implants because they are permanently attached. This also reduces issues with face sag and loss of natural face shape.

These are only three of the many benefits of implanted dentures. They offer you an overall better experience while being the most cost efficient solution. To learn more about implanted dentures in Plantation call Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental at 954-423-3969.

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