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Dental Implants Recovery Process

Implants can replace missing teeth in your mouth and keep your oral health more robust and more secure. Thankfully, Dr. Hitesh Shroff understands how to install dental implants in Plantation, FL, to give you the help you need. After your treatment is over, you'll have a recovery period that helps to prepare you for your ultimate recovery. 

Factors That Influence Recovery

After getting implants, your recovery time can vary from a few months to up to a year. That's because many factors may impact how well your body heals. These may also affect how well your implant settles in your jaw. Just a few factors that can affect your recovery include:

  • How many implants that you get in your mouth 
  • The location of the implants, as some spots may take longer to recover 
  • Bad oral health habits, such as poor oral hygiene, regular coffee use, or tobacco smoking 
  • Any damage to the gum problems caused by the tooth missing for a long time 
  • Infections that may occur around the site after surgery 
  • The need for bone grafting or lifting of the sinus 
  • Whether it is on the top or the bottom of your jaw

Most people should start feeling significant improvements after following a three-day soft food diet. These foods should include soups, yogurts, and other softer food options. Your recovery may also improve if you quit bad habits, like smoking, while you recover. Expect at least 5-7 months for your bone to fully heal or potentially up to a year if you need a bone graft. 

What to Do After Surgery

After your initial surgery for dental implants in Plantation, FL, you must take care of yourself to avoid worsening conditions. You must:

  • Take care of bleeding for the first 48-72 hours 
  • Use a cold and hot compress for 2-3 days after surgery to manage bruising 
  • Take prescribed or over-the-counter pain medications as needed 
  • Get someone to drive you for the first day after surgery due to sedation 
  • Avoid working out for a few days to avoid blood rush to the head 
  • Call a doctor if your temperature gets above 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit

Very few people experience severe complications during their recovery from implants. However, talk to your dentist or another medical professional right away if you notice anything.

Understanding Your Implant Options

If you're interested in dental implants in Plantation, FL, and aren't sure where to turn, you can get help from us. Dr. Shroff understands implants and can prepare you for challenges that come your way. Just as importantly, he can do what it takes to give you the assistance required for your long-term recovery. Call us at 954-423-3969 to learn more.

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