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What To Expect at Your Root Canal Appointment

Remember the last time you had a tooth filled? Or the first? Then remember how much scarier the waiting was than the procedure itself. A root canal is not that much different than having a large tooth filling. It is definitely longer but overall you will find the experience largely familiar. You can always learn more by contacting Dr. Hitesh Shroff in Plantation, FL.

You may feel some discomfort as the procedure begins, especially just as the local anesthesia is applied, but thanks to it you should not feel much of anything throughout, except a bit of pressure, which is absolutely normal.

What Exactly Is Happening During the Procedure?

As you sit there, your dentist is removing a portion of the top of your tooth, just enough to gain access to the pulp, which is the nerve center and its infection is what's causing you pain.

Along with any affected parts, these nerves are removed by your dentist all the way down to the root of your tooth. This helps to halt the decay and also the pain you've been feeling. But perhaps the most important reason for a root canal is to save your tooth.

Once decay and pulp are removed your dentist fills your tooth with a temporary filler. You may be prescribed antibiotics to make sure your infection is gone and once you return to the office you should be ready for a permanent filling or more often, a crown.

Immediately after the root canal, you can expect a few days of very mild pain, but in the end, the point of the procedure is pain relief. You will be pain-free and your tooth will be back to normal function soon. If you are feeling pain right now that day may seem like a distant one, but the longer you put off the procedure the more you delay relief and risk complications.

Root Canal in Plantation, FL

Make a root canal appointment today with Dr. Shroff in Plantation, FL, by dialing (954) 423-3969.

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