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How to Choose the Right Dental Crown for You

Dental crowns are a fairly common dental restoration. You may need a crown after one of your teeth gets chipped or cracked. Your crown can be made out of a variety of materials, and your dentist can help you decide on which one is ideal for you.


An important factor to consider is how long your crown is going to last. Crowns made out of metal alloys such as gold or silver tend to be highly resistant against wear and tear. You can also consider getting a crown that consists of porcelain fused to strong metal materials.


You should also consider where in your mouth you need the crown. Many people do not want a metal-based crown in the front of their mouth because it is going to stand out in their smiles. In these circumstances, it can be good to get a crown made out of porcelain because it looks just like enamel.

Interaction With Opposing Teeth

Your crown is going to be brushing up against the adjacent teeth all the time. Metal alloy and gold crowns tend to be gentle on other teeth, but porcelain is good so long as you do not grind your teeth often.

There are advantages to each type of crown. If you are interested in learning more about our options, contact Dr. Shroff Plantation Dental at 954-423-3969

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